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What We Do

Along with our marketing services, Snippo is has a full service recording studio and affiliate program to help out artists. Every recording session comes with an engineer and mixing and mastering is included. Our engineers use Protools and Logic Pro to give artists top quality recordings that elevate their performances. With Snippo's affiliate program, we are also able to offer our talent photography shoots, music video shooting, and project artwork. 

Individual Client Services
  • Studio Recording $75/per hr (2hr minimum)

  • Mix and mastering  

  • Photography: $150 /per hr

  • Music Video: $450 per video

  • Project art work: $60/per Cover Art

Recording Music
B2B Services

Snippo Entrainment knows how important it is for small businesses to grow their platforms. This is why we offer Free Interviews to business owners to post on Snippo TV. We also offer Ad Banner creation and promotion to local businesses to be shown on Snippo TV. 

Ad Banner & Promotion
  • Promote Banner on for 3 days

  • SnippoTV Podcast air Banner on 3 episodes

  • YouTube Channel Promote Banner for 3 days 

  • Promote Banner on Snippo Instagram for 3 days 

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