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What We Do

Serving the NYC metropolitan area, Snippo Entertainment is a multimedia company. We specialize in marketing and promoting independent musicians, actors, actresses, comedians, entrepreneurs, and others. Our innovative approach and highly skilled professionals allows everyday entertainers and entrepreneurs to maintain a strong online presence while pursuing their independent careers. We understand that staying relevant and sustaining a living can be difficult, time consuming, and costly.


Here at we've made the process simple, clear, and cost effective. Give us a call 1-800-985-1364 or send us an email at and make an appointment to speak with a specialist. Let us structure a plan and coach you all the way to success!

Event DJ
B2B Services

Snippo Entrainment knows how important it is for small businesses to grow their platforms. This is why we offer Free Interviews to business owners to post on Snippo TV. We also offer Ad Banner creation and promotion to local businesses to be shown on Snippo TV. 

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